Lawn, Turf & Fertilizer

Love your Lawn and it will Love you Back!

Enjoy the cool, clean air your healthy lawn helps produce. Give it the nutrients it needs to become a thick healthy turf that can prevent new weed seeds from growing. A healthy lawn requires less watering. Even in the dry months of July and August which lowers your water bill.

About the Product

Granular fertilizer has a 6-8 week time release that provides long-lasting and even results.

Services are available “a la carte” – you are not locked into a “plan” you don’t want or need.

Recommended Treatment - 4 Applications

green lawn with trees in the background

Did you know?

A 50′ x 50′ area of lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of 4.

Grass absorbs CO2 and other harmful atmospheric pollutants and other environmental contaminants.

Grassed surfaces reduce temperature extremes by absorbing the sun’s heat during the day.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Broadleaf weeds may include but not limited to:

Broadleaf Treatment

3 sprays are recommended and will coincide with a lawn fertilizer application.

Fall treatment eliminates winter annual weeds that begin growing in late summer and prevent them from growing in in spring)

Crabgrass Control


1st Treatment in the spring when the soil temperature reaches 55 -60 degrees

2nd Treatment follows 30-45 days after

Crabgrass weed

Common Lawn & Turf Fungi in Spokane

Necrotic ring spot

TIP: Chemical treatments will only suppress and reduce the severity of NRS and will not eradicate the fungus.

Necrotic Ring Spot "NRS"


2 Fungicide treatments to affected areas – May & Aug

Home Owner Management

Fairy Ring


2-3 treatments specifically timed for optimum results

fairy ring fungi in grass

Red Thread

red thread in grass

(Laetisaria fuciformis)


2 chemical treatments recommended – May & September

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Common Lawn Insects

Cinch Bug

Chinch bugs (Blissus leucopterus) are plant-eating ground bugs that form large swarms on grass and turf. They will eat away at turf grass to the point where a lawn looks dead from lack of watering.

If you think you have a problem with lawn insects, please contact us.

crane fly

Lawn Moth, Grub & Crane Fly

These insects usually appear when a lawn is stressed such as drought or lack of nutrition. Treat your lawn as symptoms present themselves.

Lawn Fertilizer FAQs

Do I need to water my lawn right away after the fertilizer is applied?

No, it is not necessary, even if it is extremely hot.

How long does it take for the fertilizer to start working? How will I know?

About 5-10 days. The grass will become a deeper green and increased growth.

Will my lawn mower suck up all the granular fertilizer if it is mowed the same day?

No. The fertilizer is made up of tiny, microencapsulated granules that fall down into the root bed of the grass. Lawn Mowers do not have the power to suck up the tiny granules.

Is the fertilizer safe for pets?

Yes. Products must undergo extensive testing and comply with rules set by the State and Federal levels before they are approved for use. After every application your technician will sweep or blow off granules that went were they should not have, i.e., patio, concrete walkway, porch, deck etc.