Eliminate toxic plants and weeds from
your livestock pasture and increase grass
growth to feed your animals through the
growing seasons


Our Bareground Treatments will keep your property free of

weeds thru the season. Improve your homes curb appeal, help

prevent the spread of Noxious Weeds in your neighborhood,

spend less time trying to control weeds.

Pick insect free fruit right out of your backyard.

Our Residential Fruit Program is one of kind.

Trust your property with

over 40 years of experience

park bench

Weed Free Shrub Beds

more free time for you

Empire Spray Service

Servicing Spokane County Since 1974!

Why Use Us

Lawn / Turfgrass

• Fertilizing • Weed Control
• Disease/Fungus • Insect •


Backyard Fruit Trees

• Specialized Treatment Plan • Apple • Pear • Cherry • Peach • Apricot •

Nuisance Insect Control

• Ants • Spiders • Yellow Jackets & Wasps • Boxelders • Ticks •

Trees & Shrubs

• Shrub Bed Weed Control • Insect • Disease/Fungus •
Root Drench •

Bare Ground Control

• Driveway • Parking area
• Roadside • Walkways • Building Perimeter
• Vacant Lot  • Commercial Property • Noxious Weed Notices •

Pasture Control

• Livestock Pasture Weed  Control & Fertilizing • Noxious Weed Control •

Custom Service, Tailored to your Needs

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