Tree & Shrub Care

Insect Control Sprays for Trees, Shrubs & Other Plantings

Designed to provide insect and disease control and protection for trees, shrubs, bushes, and other perennial plants found in established beds around a home or business throughout the growing season.

Treatment Types

Systemic – Preventive – March – Bud Break (April)

The product is applied to the ground and absorbed by the tree’s roots.  It travels to every inch of the tree through the tree’s cambium. Newly emerging leaves will be protected from foraging Insects and some diseases throughout the growing season.

Common pests and diseases targeted:

Methods of Systemic Treatments

  1. Injection: a measured amount of mixed solution is injected into the ground beneath the tree’s canopy in a circle grid from the trunk out to the drip line
  2. Soil Drench: a measured amount of mixed solution is poured around the base of the tree’s trunk 

Foliar or Contact Spray – Reactive – May – August

A mixed solution that is applied directly onto the foliage of the tree, shrub, or bush through spray equipment to control insects that are currently active or slow the spread and the effects of an active disease.

Evergreen shrub bed
aphids on leaves
box elder bug

Call Empire Spray at the onset of a problem. Early diagnosis increases the odds for a successful treatment.

General Insect Information

Types of plantings treated but not limited to:

Arborvitae, Yew, Juniper, Boxwood, Euonymus, Barberry, InkBerry, Holly, Burning, Weeping Cherry, Crabapple, Beech, Flowering Cherry, Pear and Plum, Rhododendrons, Azalea

Types of Target Pests but not limited to:

Aphids, tent caterpillars, sawfly, adelgids, box elder, scale, spider mites

Types of Target Diseases but not limited to:

Anthracnose, powdery mildew, leaf spot or scale

Tree & Shrub Insect Control Schedule

Dormant with Fungicide – March – April

A spring spray prevents over wintering eggs, larva or adults from continuing their life cycle and stop pathogen spores from becoming active and spreading.

Spring with Fungicide – May – Mid June

Summer – Mid June – July

Late Summer – August

Specialty Tree Sprays

 Spruce Gall Adelgid

Cooley spruce gall growing on a spruce tree branch