Insect Pest Control

Ant  & Spider Removal

Pest control treatment kills 90% of existing or soon to be existing pests by breaking their cycle. 10% of treatment is a residual left behind to protect against re-infestation.

Treatment Schedule

  • Exterior Only –Treat April – October
    • Includes attached garages, decking eaves, concrete walks, drive & curb lines.
  • Interior & Exterior — Treat April – October
    • Interior includes along the base of exterior walls of basement or ground level of home and obvious entrance or access areas, ie attic or crawl space.
  • Carpenter Ants*
    • We can treat exterior of home and at initial infestation site if known
    • Unfortunately there is no guarantee we can eliminate the pest without knowing the the location of the nest
  • * We will refer you to a specialist if we feel we cannot properly address the problem.

Sugar ant pest control

Paper Wasps and Yellowjackets

  • Nests must be easily and safely accessed
  • We do not remove nests
  • We do not offer preventative treatments for wasps or yellowjackets
  • If we can’t take care of the problem, we will refer you to someone that can and will!

Paper wasps & yellowjacket removal
Tip: Call us once you see pests start to move in!
Box elder bugs congregating on a rock wall

Box Elder Bugs

The insects leave the host tree and amass in large numbers in common areas around the home; walls, walks, eaves, roofs, window sills, etc.

  • Box Elder bugs are hard to kill
  • They are continually reproducing
  • Difficult to spray entire population
  • They are a ‘nuisance pest’ rather than a damage causing pest
  • Treat – May thru September
  • Treat at first sight – warm sunny days