About Empire Spray Service

A little history about our 40 year old family owned business.

Empire Spray Yesterday

Empire Spray Service was founded in 1974 in the basement of the Hunter family home. Marvin and Dan, father and son, started the business with one tanker truck and only themselves for a workforce. They offered a wide variety of services in the early years of the business in the Spokane and surrounding Inland Empire communities. By developing strong customer relationships they earned the respect of their vendors and competitors while providing the community with impeccable, proficient, informative and personalized service.

Those ideals, coupled with an extremely strong work ethic, quickly illustrated the need for expansion. Brother Vern joined the company and in 1978 property was purchased to build the shop and office existing to this day.  More trucks and employees soon followed.

The type of services Empire Spray offered was in high demand in the ’80’s and the company flourished. Marvin retired in the late eighties and turned the company solely over to the brothers.

Empire Spray Today

Empire Spray Service survived the past decade of economic turmoil and uncertainty. The continued business acumen that the Hunters started in the ’70s carries forward today through exceptional customer service.

The legacy continues today with Jenni Hunter-Ham, daughter of the late Dan Hunter at the helm who now operates the family owned business as general manager.

Empire Spray Service has always relied solely on the ‘word-of-mouth’ technique that Spokane still strongly abides by. We’re now “online” sharing our story and service techniques to the community at large. To our faithful clients welcome back, it’s good to have you on board. For those in the community who are new or searching for a new vendor, welcome and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about our impeccable, proficient insect, weed, lawn, and pest control.

Late Marvin Hunter, Empire Spray

Marvin Hunter stands aside from the original tanker truck.

Original Empire Spray Service Shop

The original shop, circa winter 1978.