Fruit Tree Care

Fruit Tree Services:

Our Fruit Tree Program consists of 4 treatments.

  • 1st Spray: Dormant
    • Dormant Spray is the first treatment. It is applied early when the trees are just beginning to wake up, and the temperatures are above freezing at night. This treatment is an oil and is meant to coat the trees limbs before budding and prevent over-wintering insects and/or eggs from awakening/hatching.
  • 2nd Spray: First Fruit Spray
    • The 1st Insecticide treatment is planned, weather permitting.
  • 3rd Spray: Second Fruit Spray
    • The 2nd Insecticide treatment is scheduled many days after the first.
  • 4th Spray: Third Fruit Spray
    • The 3rd and final treatment follows many days later. This treatment may not be needed, if the tree did not bear fruit that season.


Minimum Price is $40.00 per treatment

Dormant Spray (temperature dependent)

– 1st Fruit Spray
– 2nd Fruit Spray
– 3rd Fruit Spray

Be sure to get in touch with us for a spray today.