Pasture Control

Toxic Poisonous Weeds to Horses & Livestock

Toxic Weeds Horses

We handle:

  • Driveway, shoulders, and ditches
  • Perimeter of barns, out buildings, and equipment
  • Fence lines, arenas, round pens

Start the spring out weed free!  Contact Empire Spray today.

More information about Noxious Weed Control for Washington State homeowners is available here.

We help you begin to create the ideal pasture area for your animals or simply for a more pleasurable view for you.

  • Create a pasture with high quality forage for your horses and/or livestock through the growing season.
  • Eliminate Noxious Weeds, avoid County Notices and fines.
  • Eliminate plants that are poisonous and toxic to horses and/or livestock.
  • Reduce money and time spent purchasing and hauling hay.

Preemergence products cannot be applied safely during the heat of summer.